Sunday, March 5, 2017

minion cake

My son Matthew turned nine last September, and he really wanted to have a few of his friends over for an afternoon of video games and movies. So that's what we did! And we had balloons, a make-your-own-pizza station for dinner, and of course birthday cake!

This year I decided to make him a minion cake, since he loves minions and is always imitating them! I wanted to fill it with fruit cocktail and whipped cream, which is kind of a nostalgic cake flavor from my childhood. Since I wanted the fruit cocktail to stand out, I decided to pair it with a light vanilla chiffon cake, so I baked up three 8-inch cake layers. While they were cooling, I drained my fruit cocktail, to ensure I wouldn't end up with a soggy cake!

When I was ready to fill the cake, I used an offset spatula to spread freshly whipped cream on each layer, topped with the drained fruit cocktail. Then I covered it with more whipped cream, and then the next cake layer.

For the frosting, I tinted my freshly whipped cream with yellow gel-based food coloring, and covered the top and sides of the cake. Then I smoothed it out with an offset spatula.

For the minion face, I used a medium round tip to pipe gray frosting circles for the goggles...

.. and then used a smaller round tip to pipe brown frosting eyeballs, and then a star tip and white frosting to fill in the whites of the eyes.

Then I used black frosting and a small round tip to pipe the black pupils of the eyes, the hair, and the smile, as well as the outline for the goggle straps (which I then filled in with a star tip afterwards).

And then the minion cake was done!

I thought he turned out pretty cute!

The boys had a great time at the party, and Matthew loved having his closest friends over!

Hope you had a Happy Birthday, my Matthew! I can't believe this will be your last year in the single digits! :(


  1. Wow, you made it look so simple and it looks delicious as well. Will worth giving try, thanks for sharing it

  2. Wow!! Awesome cake!! Love it :)

  3. Looks so cute! I enjoyed reading your post!!

  4. Can you post the recipe that you used for the cake? Thank you.